Sunday 10 October 2021

It's Love What Gets Us Out Of Bed In The Morning

There was a cheerful Sally Army lady standing in the marketplace, outside Cowper Church. Smiling and greeting people, despite the damp grey weather. I saw her as I got off the bus, and by the time I reached her, I'd found some change for her collection pot. The Army have been at the forefront of caring for over 150 years,. 

During the pandemic, they have used their wisdom and experience to facilitate even more good deeds. "Have a newspaper" she said, so I took a copy of the War Cry. A cheerful read for the busride home! The paper has been sold on the streets since 1879. It’s always campaigned on social justice issues. In 1885, it shocked Victorian society with its campaign to raise the age of consent to stamp out the widespread abuse of children through prostitution. Recent War Cry issues have reported on The Army’s frontline work supporting victims of modern slavery and giving shelter to homeless people. Interviews have included an FGM survivor, a former child soldier and a climate change campaigner who took part in Extinction Rebellion protests.

What caught my eye was the photo on the front - tonight we see the return of the irrepressible Larkin Family to our TV screens. I adored the original stories by H E Bates, his glorious descriptions of the beautiful Kent countryside, mouthwatering paragraphs about Ma's cooking, and Pa's carefree, generous attitude to life.

Thirty years ago, Pam Ferris and David Jason played the couple who produced this happy-go-lucky family [it launched Catherine Zeta Jones' career] Now Joanna Scanlan and Bradley Walsh are in charge. I really hope this series proves as popular as the first one [but I suspect it may be more 'woke', and perhaps not quite as true to the original books]

But the key thing is the driving force which holds the family together- love. As Pa says "It's love what gets us out of bed in the morning". He cares not just for his family, but all the waifs and strays, the lonely and elderly, anyone 'in trouble' who crosses his path. OK, his morality isn't always perfect, and he sometimes crosses the line in terms of what is strictly legal as he is seeking to do good. But his heart is in the right place. 

Joanna Scanlan was interviewed for The War Cry [read it here] and she spoke about her role in the new series "Ma Larkin is a happy woman who's spreading the love. And there is something about that. That forgiving, kind, warmness is the solution to most of life's problems" Joanna believes that kind of love is just as important in the real world as it is in the story.

I agree - and I'm looking forward to watching the show tonight [ITV 8pm]  Perfick Sunday night viewing IMHO


  1. I truly admire the work of the Salvation Army and it is one of the charities I support. They have been collecting Christmas gifts to put into 'shoe boxes' and parcels for as long as I can remember, even before it became 'fashionable' to do so.
    And the Darling Buds of May series is one of my go to DVD's on a grey, rainy day, somehow it is one of those feel good productions that warm the heart and our belief in human nature. The actors then were perfikly chosen and I think it will be hard to beat. I both want to watch tonight but am also hesitant in case in a way it might spoil the original.
    The Royale Family too was hailed as having this great love of family together, took in waifs and strays and whilst not condoning theiving seemed able to understand the petty crimes of people and see past it to the person.

    1. Yes the SA do great work. I watched The Larkins this evening and enjoyed it. Mostly! I thought MaLarkin and Primrose were very good. Not convinced by the Vicar though

  2. When my Mum and Dad used to go out on a Saturday night, they would bring back a copy of 'The Young Soldier' published by the Salvation Army. I loved the quizzes and the crosswords inside.

    1. I haven't seen a copy of Young Soldier for years, my friend Marina used to show me her copy at Girls Brigade in the 70s

  3. The "Sally Ann" are a wonderful charity. I loved the original "Darling Buds of May", and I hope you will not be disappointed with the remake. It will certainly be interesting to see how it compares.


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