Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Oasis [From Manchester]


Sorry, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the Gallagher brothers! 
As we move slowly and carefully back to more social opportunities post-Lockdown, our little chapel has opened a café on Wednesday mornings. 

Just from 10-12, serving tea, coffee, and cakes. We even have a fancy new filter machine from Kingdom Coffee. All free, but with optional donations to charity. We've advertised in the village magazine - and wanted a sign outside to indicate we were open. We have one of these boards, which goes out every Sunday with appropriate wording, when it is our worship service - and there was a spare plain white metal sheet with it.

For the first few sessions, I stuck a paper sheet on both sides to tell people we are open. But that is not very weather-proof or longlasting. Professional signage does not come cheap.

What I needed was a Cricut machine so I could produce my own professional quality adhesive vinyl letters and graphics. If I were younger, and still doing a lot of church and youth work, maybe I'd have considered buying one. 

Right now, I cannot see I have enough need of one to justify the purchase. However, my friend Hayley posted on FaceBook how much fun she was having with her new bit of kit. 

Hayley was our Church Youth Worker for some years, back in Kirby Muxloe. Now she is happily married, with two young sons, and lives in Manchester. So I emailed her - and she was thrilled to be able to produce the lettering for us, and posted it back to me in time to make up the sign for today's café session.  Thank You Hayley!

Now do you understand the title of the blogpost?
[D'you know what I mean? as Liam and Noel would say]

UPDATE - Everybody likes the new sign. We had a couple of dozen people come in, and I sent Hayley a picture.


  1. That sign is very smart and nicely made. How nice of Hayley to share her machine to make these for you.
    Cricuts are brilliant. I've got a work colleague and an Insta friend who uses hers to great effect.

    1. They ARE brilliant, but I am resisting the urge to buy myself one!

  2. That is such a welcoming thing to do! I hope people do donate.
    Hayley was so kind.

    1. Hayley is such a generous young woman - and these are equally generous ladies!


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