Monday 18 October 2021

Please Keep Away!

For the next few days, Bob and I will be self-isolating [explanation tomorrow] In March 2019, right at the beginning of the first lockdown, Bob shared these words from an Indian writer...

"Social distancing is a privilege. 

  • It means you live in a house large enough to practise it. 
  • Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access to running water. 
  • Hand sanitisers are a privilege. It means you have money to buy them. 
  • Lockdowns are a privilege. It means you can afford to be at home. 
Most of the ways to ward off the Coronavirus are accessible only to the affluent. In essence, a disease that was spread by the rich as they flew around the globe will now kill millions of the poor. All of us who are practising social distancing and have imposed a lockdown on ourselves must appreciate how privileged we are."

Gratitude for being able to stay together in our warm home
Gratitude for good food and fresh water
Gratitude for friends and family who love and care
Gratitude for an NHS free at the point of need
Gratitude for all the many blessings we have

Help me never to forget just how privileged we are


  1. What a great reminder of how privileged we are. Thank you.

  2. Very wise words. Hope you are both alright.

  3. Gosh what strong words, and yes ... aren't we so privileged. It makes you feel very humble doesn't it.

  4. Adding you to the prayer list...

  5. Praying for you both to get through this challenge and get back to a normal life. The words from the Indian writer are so true and never more so than during the last 18 months when some of us discovered just how blessed we are compared to many others.

  6. Such wise and true words. So good to remember them at this time. Fingers crossed for good news.

  7. Such wise words. I remember someone in India saying that only the privileged are able to self-isolate. I hope your isolation goes ok.

  8. Good luck. Good reminder of our blessings too. Cheers

  9. Hope you are both doing well in your self isolating. Keeping you in my prayers for good health.


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