Sunday 27 February 2022

A Post From 2019


Originally entitled "Such Happy Girls" 

Last Sunday, our church hosted a visit by the Zozulenka Choir from Ukraine. Nine delightful teenage students, who are touring the UK, singing and dancing, to raise money for Hope Now.
This charity supports their school and other projects in their country. They sang in Ukrainian and English. Their handmade costumes were amazing--such stunning embroidery. 
This old peasant woman with her huge papier-mache head was great fun! 

They spoke of their homes, their school - and the fighting. But their bright smiles, and strong faith shone through every word spoken, every note sung. Before their "Benediction Hymn" they sang "Bless the Lord, O My Soul" [very popular at UCF] and we all joined in. 
Their 2019 tour is almost over, but they promised to return in 2020. Do look out for them. Their music, poetry and dancing is SO professional, their story is moving, and the whole evening was an utter joy. 
The Pandemic meant that they did not come back in 2020. I wonder where they are now? God knows - and I pray that he will keep them safe and keep their faith strong. Lord, bring peace in our world. 

WDP UPDATE : if you are involved in organising a WDP service this Friday, please be aware that there is now an extra prayer about the Ukraine to be included in the service. (find it HERE


  1. My heart goes out to all the people of the Ukraine, I cannot bear to see, hear or read about what they are currently going through.

    The prayer is a good inclusion. xx

  2. Hoping and praying for peace in our world.

  3. Normally the final hymn at Mass on the last Sunday before Lent is one full of Alleluias - a last blast before the change of tone from Wednesday onwards. Today we sang, instead, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.

    1. Sometimes it is important to break with tradition and recognise the situation requires something different. Well done to your priest for such a sensitive, thoughtful gesture. May we all echo the words of that hymn in coming days

  4. The news is heart breaking. Surely this evil can be stopped. At least the news cannot be hidden these days.

  5. As we pray for the people of the Ukraine, we can also embrace the symbol of the sunflower, their national flower. I plan to put some artificial ones on my door swag and in my entrance as a reminder to pray for them continually. We can also wear blue and yellow, the colours of their flag, if this is appropriate.

    1. Thank you - I knew about the blue&yellow flag, but not the sunflowers


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