Monday, 21 February 2022

The Postcard Project

After my review of the Textile Treasures last month, Kirsten commented that she would love to be in a project which 'switched stitchers'. So I tentatively suggested we might collaborate on something, and she agreed. That was thrilling! We both felt we needed two pieces [so at the end, there is one each] but not too big [partly so we are not overwhelmed by the size, partly because I am running out of wall space to display things]

I had 4 linen napkins, 30cm square, printed with transfers for embroidery [mismatched] But with the transfers washed out, and sewn down the centre, we had two rectangles which could be regarded as 'postcards'. We would take it in turns to embroider each piece and then exchange...
First exchange; I sent K her 'postcard' and she sent me a couple of notebooks. We are going to keep meticulous notes, explaining what we stitch and why. I have chosen the 'moth' one to accompany my card. I could not find my hoops- so bought a new DMC one in Cromer woolshop- and 5 minutes later, found a big blue one in the Sue Ryder shop.

 I did find my hands-free magnifier in the loft. That will be really useful. We want to be as creative as we can, using beading and appliquΓ© as well as different stitching techniques. There are just a few guidelines we have agreed on
  • Every few weeks, the pieces will be exchanged via the post
  • Words and phrases allowed, but must not dominate. 
  • No restriction on choice of colours. 
  • To be worked on a linen ‘postcard’ 
  • Each piece will travel with its notebook, in which we detail what we have added, and the reasoning behind it. 
  • Any appliquΓ©d pieces must stay within the borders of the rectangle. 
  • Aim to finish by Christmas 2022
Our first task is to stitch the name and address on each card - I'm doing one to K, and she's stitching mine. We've opted for full name, blog name, town, and county. That is challenging enough [I suggested name and address changes, to reduce the task. I could be Ang, Blog 1, Ugley Essex, and she could be Kate, Blog 2, Rye, Kent!] 
But when you knit a jumper, the pattern usually gets you to do the back first as that is the largest part - so perhaps getting the address out of the way at the start is good - and gives a clearer idea of what space we will have round it.
Kirsten helpfully worked out a font and layout so these will match, even if things go in different directions later. She also provided two 'Graze' snack boxes which will hold our work in transit, and count as Large Letter post.
I am using a frixion pen to mark stitching lines, which disappears when ironed. I find this method suits me. 

I think we are both rather excited by all this - but also slightly nervous. K has a great eye for colour and has posted lovely pictures of her projects on her blog. But I think we have already developed a good communication system via WhatsApp, and I think it will all come together well in the end.

Have you ever done any collaborative creative projects?

UPDATE If anyone else is interested in such a project, email me, and I will link you up with Jane from Dorset [see below]


  1. Hello Angela, I’ve never done a collaborative project, just swaps, but it sounds like a lovely idea so if anyone else out there would like to join in……
    You may have started something!

  2. This sounds like a good project for the year. Have fun. I'll Look forward to seeing what you do
    I visited Kirstens blog and found she is a Persephone book fan too and I've added her to my reading list

    1. Oh yes, I forgot you were both Persephone fans

  3. What a lovely idea. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  4. What a fun project! No, I haven't done anything similar!

  5. When one of the girls in our online book group got married, twelve of us knitted and crocheted squares and I made them into what became the Elmer blanket. When I posted it, I realised I only knew her new husband's blog name, so I addressed it to Mr and Mrs Goat, to the amusement of the lady in the post office.

  6. Is that GOAT as in Greatest Of All Time? Hope things ok with you xx

  7. No, he went by Rex Caprorum - Latin for King of the goats - partly due to his beard!
    Things not too bad thanks xx

  8. That looks amazing. I can't wait to see how it works out.

  9. What a marvellous idea! I can't wait to see updates!!! Such an exciting project!!!

  10. Hi Ang! Stitching one word at a time with Much Unpicking. Sister Patricia who endured many a long afternoon teaching reluctant and hamfisted prep school girls needlecraft can have the last laugh with my blessimg!

    1. I'm sure it will get easier once the words are done, and we relax a bit. This is a fun project, not a piece of exam coursework. My needlework teacher was Mrs Pond, the curate's wife (and also she was the SIL of pop star Paul Jones, singer with Manfred Mann)

  11. What an interesting collaborative project. I look forward to some photos in the future!


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