Wednesday 16 February 2022

Thinking About Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day [details and good ideas here
I know you good people are always doing kind things but I just thought my random act for today should be to remind you about tomorrow!
I will think again about the different things I can do to show kindness to people. Smiles are hard when we are still in masks a lot, and hugging is still out. 

But really, we should not just have one day for RAK - these should be the norm

Please share your good ideas!


  1. Thank you for posting about this; I didn't know that tomorrow is a designated RAK day! Every day should be an act of kindness day, random or not! We could all do with more kindness. :)

  2. I used to randomly put a KitKat in someone's pigeon hole at school. Or on their desk.

  3. As a tee shirt from the Life is Good company says: Kindness is FREE!


  4. I think that this is an excellent idea! I may use the kitkat idea, and remember that a kind word can help.

  5. I'm usually at home, where kindness should always begin, but tomorrow I do have to go out so I thank you for the reminder as I hadn't heard of this day. In general I just try to be patient and encouraging to those I interact with.


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