Friday, 11 April 2008

Another busy day

The birthday flowers which came yesterday from my good friend Elisabeth have begun to open. They are alstromeria in a variety of lovely coloursIM002454 - the photo does not do them justice. Elisabeth has been a wonderful friend for over 25 years - we met when our husbands were at theological college together in London and now it's great having her just round the corner in Leicester. We have loads in common - not least that we are both Archers Addicts! We have supported each other through various phases of motherhood - babies, toddler tantrums, teenage angst etc. The next big event is her daughter's wedding in May. We had enormous fun sorting out the mother-of-the-bride outfit recently.

MY daughter Steph got home today - I collected her from the station at 1pm, and I have loved having her here to natter to. She gave me a splendid book for my birthday - not knowing it was one I had read a review of and was already interested in. 519NVa5ZJYL__SS500_

Steve and Pam Paulson drove across the States taking pictures of the noticeboards outside churches. They are amazing.You have to ignore the bad spelling sometimes, but there are some real gems in there.

"Tithe if you love Jesus, anyone can honk" is one of my favourites.

I spent some time this afternoon making a skirt from the fabric I bought in John Lewis last week. This must be a record - buy the fabric and then have the garment finished inside only 12 days. Fortunately the calculations I did in the shop were correct and I did have enough fabric. I was quite taken with these printed swishy skirts with contrast trim on the hem, but they cost £55 - admittedly they are lined and mine isn't - but mine cost less than £7.50, so I am feeling quite smug. Johnnie Boden eat your heart out!IM002453

I finished the bottom with gorgeous purple satin bias binding from Button Boutique in Leicester [the place to get haberdashery in the city] Although it added nearly an hour to the total making up time, I machined the outer edge,then turned it in and handstitched the hem. So no stitching shows. And I remembered to sew hanging loops inside the waistband.

Cost £7.50, making-up time about 2 hours. Not bad going, really.

Last summer I bought a new Janome machine from Bambers - which, in my opinion is about the best sewing machine shop in England. I have purchased three machines from them in the last 10 years - an overlocker, an embroidery machine, and a regular machine. In the autumn I got an extra presser foot for my new machine - this one is designed for attaching bias binding. It works really well - but the stitching is visible. So I tend just to use it for craft projects and 'household linens' but continue to handstitch binding on clothing. It was certainly worth the money.

Today has been VERY wet -I hope we get some sunny days soon - I want to wear my new skirt!

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