Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Too woozy for words!

OK, I admit it - I AM a dreadful patient, and I DID do too much yesterday. Have felt incredibly sleepy all day, and not achieved anything much. The house smells beautiful - lilies at the front, freesias at the back,from the bouquets which kind friends sent after my op.

It seemed time to put away my knitted Easter Eggs  My knitted eggswhich have been on display for over a week now.Thanks Julie! it was an incredibly easy pattern and used up lots of oddments of wool. I got the polystyrene eggs very cheaply in The Works in Leicester.

Maybe we should decorate our homes more at Easter - it's just important a celebration as Christmas, if not more so.

John Lewis just telephoned - someone (fraudulently) tried to use my card on the Internet. As I had not used my card for MONTHS until Monday when I used it in the Oxford Street Store, it all seems a bit odd. I have been told to cut up my card and they will send me another. Well done JL for being so alert. Please hurry up now and get the new Leicester Store open (I moved here nearly thirteen years ago, and have really missed JL)

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  1. Hi Ang, I just thought you needed a comment.
    Shall read the Knitting Club book sometime, shall knit some eggs sometime.
    Keep blogging - Lesley M


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