Thursday, 10 April 2008

Happy birthday to me...

53 today - and very conscious of Annie Domino creeping up on me! Thus far my day has been really enjoyable - some lovely cards from friends and family, and generous gifts too. A third slogan t-shirt to IM002450 add to my wardrobe, from daughter Liz. it's another fabulous one from Howies, and appeals to my sense of Make-Do-And-Mend thriftiness.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Not at school today,so I went to the OAP Coffee Drop In again - they are so kind, and gave me a birthday card and sang to me. After lunch I had my routine mammogram - and the staff at the Breast Unit sang to me as well [Counting the class at school yesterday, that means I have had 'Happy Birthday' sung THREE times already!] Apparently more than 15% of women fail to turn up for their appointment, which seems a terrible waste of NHS time and money - not to mention foolish. We are so fortunate to have this free screening programme here, and it is sad that people abuse the system.

We have an Interchurch Breakfast on Saturday with a Banner Swap, so I am going to sew a Banner Bag now, to carry ours in. Then I will have to tidy all the craft stuff up, so there is somewhere for Steph to sleep when she gets home tomorrow.

Bob's just returned from the OAP home where he went to take their monthly hymn service. Except it never happened, because when he got there, a chap was already installed in the lounge, playing an organ to the residents. The Staff were most apologetic - the other guy had turned up unexpectedly! Bob and his team slipped away again and went off for a cup of tea. No hymn singing there then. MY hymn for today has to be one of my late Mum's favourites - All the way my Saviour leads meIM002451-1

I share my birthday with my sister-in-law. She and my brother sent me a gorgeous planted arrangement of cream roses, and ivy. Thanks, Marion - and Happy Birthday to you too!

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