Sunday, 6 April 2008

Normal Service has been resumed!

Woke up this morning to find a blanket of snow outside, the mountain ash in the front garden looked beautiful.IM002446 I even managed to get a photograph against the glorious blue sky [Very carefully taken to avoid any glimpse of the seemingly everlasting building works which are going on across the road]

Then it was off to church - Bob's first Sunday back in the pulpit since his Sabbatical ended. It was a good service, and the singing was great.

We had a mixture of music, and because Bob was preaching about the call of Abraham [sermon summary - Be different, Be engaged, Be a blessing] we sung Thomas Oliver's' great hymn with it's stirring Hebrew melody, played wonderfully by Linda on the organ. The link above lists all 12 verses- we only sang vv1-4, and v12 - but I am not altogether sure why we sang the Friendly Worms Verse!syrup The piano playing on the link doesn't really do justice to the tune either, but never mind.

The children's talk was about Lyle's Golden Syrup [like our Church, it is 125 years old this year] Cannot find a picture of the special Golden Anniversary Tin so here is the traditional green one. I shall have to make a treacle pudding tomorrow I think!

Everybody was very solicitous about my health - and seemed pleased Bob's Sabbatical was over. It's good to have you back, dear!

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