Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Not enough hours in the day!

Yesterday was incredibly busy, but really productive. In the morning, I met with David from Desford and we got a lot of holiday bible club plans sorted out. Then before lunch I went online and ordered resources. Baker Ross are great for craft materials, and I discovered a new site, the Clever Baggers, for cotton bags to decorate. As usual we are modifying lots of the ideas in the Scripture Union progralogo1mme. Still cannot get to the Bulletin Board part of their website though.

We will order our T-shirts from Genesis-uk again, as we have done for many years. This company is efficient, reliable, and extremely good value for money.  Over the years they have proved very helpful and offer a personal service and I would recommend them to anyone.

                                                                  gensis                                          After lunch and again in the evening, I had meetings with people to organise various church events. Folk are so willing to give of their time and energy like this - we are very blessed here in our church with such generous people.

Just before I went out in the afternoon, the new iron arrived. I have yet to try it out properly, although I did quickly press a denim skirt and some linen trousers and it seemed remarkably efficient and easy to use. Full review to follow...

Today I was teaching Year 4 - the whole day in school was "Number Fun Day" and we had a visit from Dave Godfrey of the Omega Zone. I had met Dave before, when he came and did training for our numberfun children's workers at church and ran a Children's Praise Party, and it was good to see him in his other hat as an educationalist. The kids loved the singing and the maths, and you can't ask for more than that really. Dave also led a helpful staff meeting after school about implementing his ideas in maths lessons.

Then home again [thanks Bob for getting the meal!] to eat, then down to church for the Girls' Sewing Group. This is a fairly new venture, with girls between 9-13, teaching them basic sewing skills. They've been making simple cotton tote bags, and it is great to start a new generation off on the craft road. Initially they are a bit scared of the electric machines, and gradually increase confidence. Tonight I took down my embroidery machinemachine - a Janome Memorycraft 300E and let them prepare names to go on their bags. The machine is fantastic and does most of the work for you - but it is so exciting to see your name being stitched.

Susan is in charge of the group and she is very good at teaching them the different skills they need.

Stayed at church for yet another committee - local Churches Together, planning our contribution for the Village Fun Day in September. I found it a bit hard to get my head round that when there is so much else to get through first.

On a completely unrelated note, I am trying not to eat so many biscuits - but I am little alarmedFigRollsRWN_468x300 to discover there is an impending fig roll crisis - caused apparently by a poor harvest, which is a result of the demise of the pollinating-fig-wasps of Anatolia! I kid you not.

I was reminded of this disaster in this morning's School Assembly, because Dave G had us singing a wonderful song about Isaac Newton. I suddenly remembered that in the USA they call Fig Rolls "Fig Newtons". I don't know why. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with! [pun for the physicists there]

We finally got home around 9.45 and I made tea and got some crackers etc out for supper. Just when I thought I had got a few minutes to bimageslog and catch up with life in Ambridge, Bob casually says "Do we have a Roman Soldier's Uniform around? I need one for a School assembly tomorrow"

So I have just been up into the loft and dug out the sword, shield, breastplate and helmet. I think I got them originally for a children's talk on Ephesians 6. I was pleased to locate them so quickly - they were in the box with the pirate swords from Holiday Bible Club 2005. Do other people have such bizarre items stashed away?

The Archer's was all about Phil's 80th birthday. images Has Norman Painting done anything apart from play that one character for the past 57 years? The younger cast members seem to pop up on lots of other programmes - Tamsin Greig [Debbie Aldridge] is all over TV, and Tim Bentinck [David Archer]was on 'Broadcasting House' last Sunday. Felicity Finch [Ruth -oh no! - Archer] is always out interviewing people on Radio 4 programmes.

It is late now, I think I shall go to bed - I am teaching Year 5 all day tomorrow. Life is certainly very busy, but it is never dull.

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