Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I'll never be a Domestic Goddess!

Feeling quite virtuous, having spent all day in manic domesticity - more manic than domestic, to be honest. Cleaned and tidied and washed curtains and baked [a bacon and egg flan, and banana bread] and unpacked and redistributed my Sainsbury's Grocery delivery. Things still are not straight, so definitely no photographs in this post.

Put the new eggs in the pretty basket with the few remaining older eggs. Marked the originals with a cross so I would know which to use up next. I first started doing that when the girls still lived at home, and realised they may wonder if the cross meant 'this one' or 'not this one' - so then I wrote "Use Me" underneath the crosses. It seems to me that if we are Christians, and prepared to bear the sign of the Cross, we have to be prepared to say "Use Me" as well. [see Luke ch9 v23]

Knitting group at Borders was good last night. We had three new members. Ellen, who is the Staff Member allocated to our group came along and belated received the Easter Egg we had for her. Ellen arranged for Danny, who organises the website to drop in, and we co-ordinated all the dates for the next few meetings. Thanks, you two, for the help and encouragement you're giving to our group. Ellen is a textiles student, when she isn't working in Borders. Do check out her Etsy shop, where she has some lovely stuff!

Maybe one day I shall be organised enough to sell stuff on Etsy. Maybe...

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