Saturday, 5 April 2008

I want to marry a Lighthouse Keeper...

It is the beginning of April, so I have just put away my winter jumpers and skirts and got out the summer wardrobe. If I can, I try to arrange this changeover when the daughters are around - they act as my own personal 'Trinny and Susannah' and make helpful comments about what to keep and what to give to charity. It is a strange reversal of 10 years ago when they were teenagers, to hear them telling me "You aren't going out looking like that!" However this week I did the sort all by myself [but very slowly, with lots of sitting down to rest in between] All the fashion books say that middle aged women should give up tee-shirts with slogans on, but I resolutely hang on to two I bought last summer.

IM002444 This one - because I was born in Romford and I am proud of that. And before you ask, yes, I did get married in 4" white stilettos. But then I am 4'11" and he is 6'4", so I needed the added height.

And this one - because I love everything about it - the girl on the motorbike, the Bible, theIM002443 slogan, and the Bible reference [Romans 12;2] oh, and the wonderful red boots! It seems to sum up many things about me.

The red tee shirt is from Howies, who make wonderful tee shirts and stuff. the black one came from an exhibitor at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park last May. Always a Grand Day Out.

On the subject of clothes - I really enjoy the current M&S ad, and have recently been humming the song round the house in my tuneless little way. Apparently the song featured in the film A Clockwork Orange [which I have not seen because I don't like violence] The ad was filmed in South Africa. But I wish to have a little rant here...this strikes me as a little hypocritical of Stuart Rose et al - if M&S really believe "There is no plan B" why did they fly Erin and Twiggy and co all the way out there to make the advert? That sort of behaviour isn't helping save the environment, is it?Particularly when you consider that someone the finest lighthouses in the world are here in the UK designed by the talented Stevenson family, and also John Smeaton. I suppose they would argue the light was wrong, and the weather too cold for wearing bikinis.

The great advantage of keeping my wardrobe in two parts and alternating them every six months means I feel I have suddenly got lots of new clothes to wear for the summer- and really do not need to go out and buy anything. Which has to be better for the environment [and the bank balance]


  1. I also bought Christian slogan t-shirts at the Christian Resources exhibition in that year! How funny!

    1. To think we may have walked past each other without knowing!!


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