Sunday, 13 April 2008

Three Letter Acronyms

Yesterday was a long, and tiring day, but with some useful moments. We started early for Earl Shilton Baptist Church where we enjoyed an excellent breakfast [thanks to Ron and his team]with about 30 others from local Baptist Churches. Caught up on the news - learned of the death of Duncan Burnie on Easter Sunday. Duncan was at Bible College with my parents in the 1940s, so has been a friend all my life. He and his wife Daisy pastored the church at Welling from 1963-85 immediately before Bob and I served there from 86-95. A very caring and loving couple. My thoughts and prayers are with Daisy and their daughter Rosemary.

Chatted with David, the pastor of the church in the next village, about Holiday Bible Clubs. They are doing the Scripture Union Scheme Champions Challenge too. logo1 I would give a link to the SU website, but I am having incredible trouble with it at the minute and particularly frustrated by the inability to link to the HBC Bulletin Boards.

Bob and I left the breakfast early and drove north to Barrow-on-Soar, to a P.A. training day hosted by the MWF at the Baptist Church. The day was led by Dan Bowater of dB studios in Lincoln. It was very informative, and I learned some useful stuff. Like I knew what a TRS connector was - but didn't realise it stood for Tip Ring Sleeve. Much discussion of XLRs and DI Boxes etc. Unfortunately the sessions all over-ran,and I felt there was a bit too much from the front, and too little hands-on practical stuff. Dan obviously knows his subject extremely well- but it was a bit hard for those of us not familiar with all the TLAs to follow everything he was saying.

Dan also said that most people are born with 20-20 hearing. That is, hearing sounds in the range between 20Hz and 20kHz. I had heard of twenty-twenty vision, but not twenty-twenty hearing before. ear-closeupThe phrase "20-20 vision" refers to the distance in feet that objects separated by an angle of 1 arc minute can be distinguished as separate objects and relates to the Snellen chart which is that alphabet thing opticians use - and apparently dates back to 1862. So one is metric and the other imperial. I am fascinated by such trivia!

This morning was a family service at Church - good attendance, and again some super music and singing. We were considering the call of Moses and had some great video clips which illustrated the message very well. Of course we had to sing the traditional Go Down Moses - but we didn't sing it as well as these guys!

Then after church, Bob took me [and Steph] for a belated Birthday le-bistrot-peirre Lunch at Bistrot Pierre in Leicester. I can highly recommend it for a well priced, well cooked meal. I had Emincé au poulet, Bob had Pavé de steak, and Steph had Thon grillé [which sounds so much more exciting than chicken, beef and fish!] Pecan pie and sticky toffee pudding for dessert - then home for coffee!

Just time for a bit of a rest before this evening's service, which promises to be really exciting. More on that later.

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