Saturday, 26 April 2008

Oh yes it is [oh no it isn't!]

IM002477 Bob went out quite early for a Deacon's Day at Oadby, so I took over the dining room and just sewed - twelve pencil rolls and ten sets of juggling bags, for Alex and Tom's fundraiser.

While I had the embroidery machine set up, I did a bib for my friend Ann's new grand-daughter too, just for a bit of light relief - the bags and rolls get a bit repetitive after a while! IM002479Isn't Grace a lovely name for a baby?

Listened to loads of good radio, then sat in front of TV to do the hand sewing bits. I enjoy 'Monk' the obsessive detective - it is a clever twist on the usual whodunnits. I had just finished all the sewing when Bob got home,which was good. The dining table is cleared for eating again.

We went out this evening to a Panto - the best I have seen this year [well, actually, it is the ONLY one I have seen this year!]

Next to the church is an OAP residential complex, and friends of the scheme put on a panto for them in January, in their communal lounge. It was so good,that they were persuaded to repeat it in the Church Hall for a wider audience. It was very well done [with an excellent meal served to us all during the interval]

Bon had lent his data projector, big screen and other PA gear, and Mike operated all the stuff brilliantly [they even rigged a mic/speaker system from the hall to the 'Green Room'] With the words all on the big screen, we were able to join in the sing-along. A good time was had by all. Thanks to Gwen and her team - and especially the Ugly sisters. Salmonella and Listeria were played by Simon and John, who have been hiding their light under a bushel I think. Hinge and Bracket watch out! Mind you, Brachinge bracket1ket died a few years back, so maybe there is an opening for them out there somewhere...

Then there was all the clearing up and loading of PA gear into the car. I wound the cables very carefully, as Bob has taught me, in the approved BBC manner, so there is no overall net twist. Just occasionally, especially when it comes to maintenance of his PA stuff, Bob makes Adrian Monk look laid back!! But I shouldn't complain, as careful treatment means some of these cables are 20 years old but still in excellent condition.

IM002473 One more picture for today - unlike the poor people of Anatolia, we are happy to report that our fig tree is thriving, and has eight little figs [figlets?] on it.

The tree is nearly four years old, and was a Silver Wedding gift from daughter Liz back in 2004.  It had a few figlets last year but they never came to anything much. I look forward to one day harvesting and eating a fig I have grown myself!

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