Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bootprints Part One

The Saltmine Group arrived this morning for our Easter Holiday Bible Club.


John, Anna, Craig and Bethan leapt about a lot and the 54 children who attended had a good time. The team performed the first poart of "The Hope Play" which is basically the life of Joseph and his experiences with his brothers. As there are only 4 in the team, the rest of the family were played by floormops!

IM003351 Here is Reuben [aka Craig] explaining the beginning of the story.

Please note the other brothers lounging about in nearby dustbins!



Now we have Joseph [Bethan] up a ladder, whilst Potiphar's wife [John, in red, with beard] tries to seduce her.

I cannot remember who Craig was at this point, or what he was meant to be doing!

But the children loved it.

It was fun watching some of our church members who came as helpers playing 'Air Guitar'







here's John explaining something else...





...and here's Geoff watching the drama, whilst leaning against the screen bearing today's Memory Verse.[He is one of our Church Members, who always works very hard at Holiday Club!]












The weather was good today and the Mums were all very cheerful as they dropped off the children. Having fewer children than the hordes we usually get in July meant there was more space in the Hall for some activities. Lots of kids from the school where I do a lot of supply came ["Hello Miss!"]

In the afternoon, I had a complete change of tempo, and led our ladies Fellowship. We watched a superb DVD from the charity "Practical Action" [formerly Intermediate Technology Development Group] which was founded by E F Schumacher, the "Small Is Beautiful" guy.

practical action

It was all really interesting and showed how simple use of modern technology can truly make a difference to the lives of people in Africa.  The website is really informative too.

A busy, productive day ... and it's left me utterly exhausted!


  1. Hello Angela
    You say a busy productive day - but was it a happy 'fun' day?
    I'm sure it was but Sometimes we forget those things in an effort to get things done
    Bye the way were the patterns of any use to you at all?
    Take care

  2. That sounds super!
    I loved the card in your previous post.

  3. It was great fun - and thanks for the knitting pattern stuff Cathy.


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