Monday, 6 April 2009

Rabbiting On

Yesterday was a Really Busy Palm Sunday. In the morning I was taking the service at Desford, and Bob was at KMFC - and we both chose lots of trad Palm Sunday hymns. Then after lunch we delivered the Churches Together Easter Cards round a nearby estate- lots of folk from all the churches turned up, which lightened the load. Then in the evening we had a lovely service when Bob preached on Mary pouring the perfume on Jesus' feet.

Mostly lovely - but Bob did want an OT passage read in the service, and it was from the Song of Solomon. I think I got through it without blushing - but who would he have asked to read it if I had been absent ? The things I do for love!

jamies pork shoulder For lunch - as I knew time would be limited, I'd prepared Jamie Oliver's Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder the day before. We had it hot on Saturday, and then cold on Sunday with Jacket Potatoes. It was fortuitous that I had done that, as we returned at 12.30pm to find an earlier power outage meant the oven was off, and I had to finish off the JPs in the microwave.

HotcrosspuddingFor dessert we had Jamies Hot Cross Pudding - also very tasty. The pictures are of Jamie's food - I was so concerned to eat my lunch I forgot to photograph it for the blog!

Today has been a Proper Day Off - so we went to IKEA, and Maplin and Aldi - and spent very little, but got the things we needed. Then because it is nearly Easter, on the way back, we went to...


...which is actually a pretty little Nottinghamshire village, which has a fun electrical warehouse that we wandered round.









It is a glorious spring day, and I have just found a superb link on my friend Karin's blog which I must share. In 2007, Bob and I visited Antwerp, and went into the central railway station, which was being renovated. It is finished now, and last week, one of the Belgian TV stations used it to promote a new programme [their version of "In Search of Maria"] I think this would really brighten my day if I were a stressed commuter off to a boring office job.


I just love the Belgians [and one in particular!]


  1. This video is spreading smiles all over blogland today :)

    mmm that hotcross bun pudding looks good!

  2. Hi Angela
    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Lunch sounded lovely, that was so lucky you had cooked the meat previously!. How lucky! sounds like divine intervention helping out.
    Loved watching the video . I hadnt seen it yet either. It was fun to watch and nice & cheery x Dom

  3. Love the bunnies! Wouldn't it be fun to be from Bunny?

    Please do tell us what verses you read from Song of Solomon! And did you wear your fishnets while you were reading? I'd like to get the complete picture here!


    p.s. Happy Holy Week!

  4. Karin -its a great clip
    Dom - I do feel Brighton would be a good venue for a flashmob type dance, can't you arrange it?
    Frances -It was S of S chapter 2 v 3-13 [refresh me with apples for I am weak from passion!!!] And no- not fishnets - I am afraid I was very scruffy in jeans and a tee shirt, having changed out of my smart preaching gear at lunchtime. Please do comment on Bob's blog sometime- he always complains I get more comments than he does!

    Easter Blessings to you all xx


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