Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Daughters and Boyfriends

Liz Liz and Jon are back safely from their trip to Istanbul, thank the Lord. Steph has taken the day off work to spend it with Mark who flies to New Zealand later today for a month.

Bon Voyage Mark - our thoughts and prayers go with you for a great adventure!

DSCF1501 I am sure I must have some better photos of these young people somewhere on the PC.

I am concerned that on both these shots, my daughters have the sort of grin that says "I am smiling for the camera, even though the bloke next to me is slightly strange" [its OK J&M, we don't think you are strange, honest !]

I must tear myself away from the PC and get on with the housework, or nothing will get done today. I read a lovely quote somewhere at the weekend

"She went and to-did her to-do list!"


  1. Your daughters are beautiful and their boyfriends are very cute--I hope they're as fun and funny (good funny) as they all look!

    Great quote!


  2. They do have lovely smiles.

    And great quote, I to-did my to-do list too!

  3. they are indeed both fun and funny - and only a little bit strange!

    now I need to go and to-do as well!

  4. Oh crikey, what a terrible photo! Jon doesn't usually look that much like he's been living under a bridge, you know. Glad you liked your birthday present - the peculiarly translated sweets are stuffed figs!


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