Friday, 10 April 2009

A Post About Posters

IM003146 Liz gave me this fabulous poster a few years ago.

It is displayed in the kitchen. But now I have come across another on the net which is equally wonderful.

According to the internet, it will be available from Howies as a teeshirt and is on sale as a poster. It's a great design - don't you just love the little spanner-crown?

poster 2


Details from this site show the artist is Matt Jones - and the posters are a limited edition [and sadly, prohibitively expensive!]

Steph has given me an attachment for my Kenwood Chef as a birthday gift, so now I am going to go and get excited about that in the kitchen, and maybe even make something!!


  1. happy birthday mum, enjoy the mixing! we just made apple/pear/cinnamon/yoghurt muffins from the waitrose website - not too amazing unfortunately! That's a very cool t-shirt, you should definitely get it!

  2. I really love that "Get excited and make things" poster. Of course, sometimes I get too excited and am overwhelmed by the long list of things I've decided to make (and the amount of money I've spent on supplies!).


  3. Oh Frances I know what you mean. When I was first married, I used to say "When I stop work and have babies, I shall have time for more crafts..." Then it was "When they go off to school, I'll have the time" Thirty years later, the babies are grown women who have left home, and there are STILL bits and pieces of crafts lurking around the house waiting to be completed!


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