Monday, 20 April 2009

Time Saving?

IM003389 On Friday I decided we needed a clock at Cornerstones, so I got this in the Pound Shop. At 2.10pm I put in the battery and hung it on the wall. some hours later, realised it still said 2.30 and the red second hand was just clicking back and forth over the 6.

Perhaps I was just being a little bit too thrifty here. But as I pointed out to my friend Richard, a clock which is stopped at 2.30 is at least right twice in every day - but a clock which is five minutes slow is always wrong!

They do say that in a Norfolk village, you feel that time stands still.


  1. Oh dear! Maybe a gentle shake would help it get going?

  2. Hmmm. I have a wonderfully good clock in my office I got in a pound shop but if the battery is just ever so slightly misplaced this kind of thing can occur; also if the battery is almost flat. Is it worth trying another battery before you give it up as a bad job?

  3. And it's always time for an early afternoon cup of tea!

  4. We think the fact that the hands are bent at an alarming angle and the battery was brand new suggest it is the CLOCK not the BATTERY at fault. Or maybe my haste, and poor eyesight when purchased it!!

  5. I believe I have this same model. But you know, 2:30 is an awfully nice time of day, one of the nicest. I'm with All Things B&B up there--have a cup of tea and keep the clock!



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