Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Song of the Spong

spong mincer Back in 1978, when we were engaged, I went over to Bob's church one Sunday, then back to his place for a lovely roast lunch. The following evening he turned up at my flat with a shepherd's pie which he had made.

He was very pleased at his thriftiness in using the remains of the joint to produce this meal. I confess I complained that it wasn't  very thrifty, because he had been into Timothy Whites to buy a Spong Mincer before he started cooking!

I hang my head in shame - thirty years later, I am still using my beloved Spong with its retro styling, suction base and orange plastic handle!

The brand-names of Spong and Timothy Whites have [sadly] disappeared now ... but I am still mincing the meat - virtuously using muscle power and not electric gadgets! It was a good buy after all.


  1. How wonderful that looks! I love to buy slightly 'retro' (as they seem to call it now) housewares. For instance, I have a lovely mechanical handwhisk instead of an electric one, and good old 'add and weigh' scales.... no batteries to die, no reliance on electricity, and oddly enough they seem to last much longer than any modern appliance!
    I think things often last longer than we think they will, if we look after them right.


  2. I remember T.Whites. we had one in Truro when I was young. Sadly all these old household names seem to be disappearing.

  3. What a great story! And isn't it amazing how the old things like that last forever (and sometimes forever and ever and ever ...)? I get so frustrated with my new-fangled stuff that breaks after only a few uses.



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