Thursday, 2 April 2009

Of Hoods and Hoodies!

Term ends tomorrow, and once it starts again, it will be full steam ahead to get ready for the end-of-year production. It is "Robin hood picture Hood" - and the easiest way to get a load of medieval-looking costumes is to dress the children in hoods [often called capuchons]

I made a load of these about 10 years ago, for another school [which was doing a play about 1000AD and 2000AD for the millennium]

Very simple. Cut a hood [28" x 13"] fold in half and seam down the back. Cut the cape - this can be circular- or tabard like. I opted for the latter] Tabards need a rectangle [33" x 18"]. You also need a saucer [5½" diameter]

Fold the tabard into four, and use the saucer to round off the corners. then use it again to draw a circle for the head-hole. This will fit most ten-year olds and adults whose heads are not too big!


I simply overlocked round the edge of the tabard, seamed the back of the hood and overlocked the front, then pinned the hood round the hole [right sides facing, matching centre back and front]and overlocked that seam.

The hoods can be worn up or down, and make the Sherriff's henchmen look Very Sinister!


This man is a saint, he even lets me interrupt his sermon writing in order to model for me.

The hoods are all made in this grey fabric because a local factory donated a whole bolt of it to the school a couple of years ago! Why spend money when you don't have to?

Here's two pictures of the hood down = one on Bob, the other on a hanger!


IM003341 IM003339





I do not have the full cast list yet - I may need to make some in more feminine fabrics for the girls - they will probably have circular capes. It took less than two hours to make this half dozen.


Sewing Club went well last night. The girls are enjoying making their pjs. The idea is that once the shorts are finished, they will applique a patch of the fabric onto the plain white vest, thus making a set. We had some good discussions about the film "Sister Act", why nuns are celibate - and "Who is this Maria that they keep singing about?"

Now I am off to hear a speaker talking about "Colour Me Beautiful" - more on that later...


  1. I used to spend hours making costumes when I was teaching, loved doing it. Your husband looks very sinister in the hood!

  2. Don't know about saint, but the resemblance to a monk is increased by the tonsure which I have clearly developed without meaning to. Can I claim that this hairstyle is in the nature of 'stigmata', and therefore a miracle? Thought not.

    And I should point out that while I modelled the hood, those are not my legs in the pyjamas!


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