Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hat Tip To Lands End

“DEFINITION; A hat tip is an acknowledgement to someone (or a website) for bringing something to the blogger’s attention. Hat tip is also, sometimes, abbreviated as h/t or HT.”

Today a Lands End Clothing Catalogue arrived [actually it was addressed to Steph, but I read it on her behalf!]

lands end sasilers society hatsI am not planning to buy anything from them – but I was quite impressed by their “Hats Warm Hearts” Campaign. This is a project aiming to get 1963 woolly hats made for Sailors around the globe, to be distributed by The Sailors’ Society. [1963 was the year Lands End started, hence that figure for their target]

You can find full details on the Lands End website [click here] with details for knitting up the hats and where to send them.

lands end sailor hats


Here is a chap in one of last year’s hats!

Its all very well getting worked up about Hugh F-W’s Fish Fight, but it is also important to remember with gratitude those seafarers who work in appalling cold, wet conditions to land the catch for us. Making a hat or two is a start!


sailors society

You can find out all about the Sailors’ Society here. It is almost 100 years old

This charity does brilliant work, worldwide. On its logo, you can see the Star of Hope and the Dove of Peace with an olive branch in its beak [relating to the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark]

The hat pattern is not a difficult one [and if you place an order with Lands End, they will actually supply you with wool and a gift tag –and full details of where to send the completed headgear] Many of you knitters will have 80g of double knit in your stashes, I am sure!

“DEFINITION – Cast Off – [1] Nautical; when a boat ‘casts off’ it leaves the shore. [2] Knitting; ‘casting off’ is to make the last row of stitches in a piece of work.


  1. I think Lands End have been doing this for several years now, it is such a good idea. I'm no knitter, sadly. Wonder if a little quilted hat would suit??

  2. Hat tip!
    Showing my age because I thought this post was going to be about manners!
    Jane x


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