Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stewards Of The Earth – And The Oceans

I have been watching all the recent programmes about the way we are taking our fish stocks for granted. Hugh F-W and Jamie O are spearheading a campaign about changing EU regulations for fishermen, regarding “discards and bycatch” [when they have to throw back ‘the wrong fish’ – thus wasting tons of perfectly good food]

hughs fish fight



You can find further details of the Fish Fight here

What do you think?


  1. I've read about EU qoutas before but always in articles promoting them as a way to preserve fish stocks and stop fishermen's over fishing.

    I've also read about bycatch and discard but always in articles claiming that fishermen can't be bothered to take low cost fish back to shore.

    I have never read or seen anything from anyone who actualy has anything to do with fishing let alone evidence that the qoutas are causing a lot of the discard

  2. I think that, as usual, I wish I'd read your blog before my friend called last night to berate me for not knowing more about the fish fight.

  3. UPDATE - sales of fish are soaring, and over half a million of us have signed the pledge!!

    see here


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