Saturday, 23 March 2013

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


In the absence of any children [my own, or those of my friends] I have built my own snowgirl, all by myself

She is tall and slim, and stylishly chic with a woollen scarf and beret. She looks French, and alarmingly cold.

I shall call her Br-br-brigitte!

And last week’s Red Nose came in useful!

The snow continues to fall – all very pretty, but I feel for those who have been caught out by this spell of bad weather.[including some teaching colleagues who had planned to fly to the sunshine from East Midlands Airport today – and can’t]


  1. Oh la la, tres chic!
    It is cold here too but only with a biting wind, no snow.

  2. Good to see she is dressed for the weather!
    Jane x

  3. Hou la la! Tres impressionnant! We like. We had enough snow for Momo who lives, strangely, in the tree house.

  4. Maybe should have been Bridget (as a rhyme for Frigid)! Although belay that thought that word has other non applicable connotations. Hope you get to spring soon! Cheers

  5. Enjoying your snow woman but from here, beside the stove . We're expecting snow every day this coming week...brrrrr!

  6. When life gives you snow, make snowgirls. :)

    Can sympathise with your snowy situation ... though for us it's the norm. And more snow tomorrow! Yippee.

  7. Very cute! She's also very coordinated too!


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