Monday, 4 March 2013

Pillow Talk

Why do the Americans call them ‘pillows’ when we call them ‘cushions’? And then they confuse me even more with ‘throw pillows’ and ‘pillow shams’ [who throws them? why are they sham?]

I have been making cushion covers recently.

DSCF5249My friend Debbie had done an exquisite piece of cross stitch, and wanted it turned into a cushion cover – I bordered her stitching [and then backed it] with some plain green fabric.

She has spent hours producing this lovely piece of work, now she can display it on her chair


And I brought back some of Steph’s ‘log’ fabric in January to make two cushions for her brown sofa. They are simple ‘envelope’ style, with chunky brown buttons on one side. By the time you read this, they will have been delivered – Bob and I will be in London till first thing Tuesday morning.

I shall explain why later!!


  1. What exquisite needlework. It looks lovely as a cushion.

  2. What an incredibly pretty piece of embroidery - like your friend, I have a tendency to do the embroidery and never make up the cushion, so I can see the two of you make a great team! Knowing that certain words (such as 'autumn') entered British English from French AFTER the America Revolution (we used to call it 'fall'), I wonder if there's a similar explanation for 'cushion/coussin'?

  3. I'm so in awe of people who can do that kind of craft - the work in it is amazing. How nice of you to make the cushion up for her. I love that log fabric too. Hopefully nothing's amiss in London.

  4. Sometimes we call them cushions.
    I can't answer the sham question. I'm sure there is a reason.

    Have fun in London!

  5. Pillow shams really are a sham...they are not for use!
    Jane x

  6. Your pillows are beautiful! Sorry--your cushions! I've made pillows/cushions for the chairs and couches in the family room, but I wish they held their shape a bit better.

    Can't wait to hear about the mysterious London trip!


  7. Oh exciting! Plenty of pillows thrown around here.

  8. Gorgeous cushions ... the log fabric looks fabulous, as does your friends cross stitch :)

  9. The embroidery is beautiful. How clever your friend is!


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