Wednesday, 13 March 2013

He Looks A Proper Charlie!

My good friend** Elisabethd over at Cornish Cream has linked to a wonderful story about a parrot rescued by Safehaven, a bird charity with a base in Nottinghamshire.

Charlie was very neglected, and seriously lacking in feathers – so the charity’s co-ordinator, Mrs Blagg, has knitted him a wardrobe of vests to keep him warm in this cold weather.

bird jumper 11 03 13bird jumper B 11 03 13

The BBC report quotes Rebecca Blagg as saying

"He has a green [vest], a blue one and a couple of peach-and-brown ones which we change once a week. We make them with very big wing holes so they don't restrict his movements. If we take them off him for good, he gets very cross. He stomps about, he shouts, he gets very agitated. So we just stopped trying."

My own ‘knit something for charity each month and use up the Great Stash’ which I mentioned here is actually animal-related this month. Photographs will be posted shortly.

**I have met E, and she visited us a couple of years ago, and we have a fair bit of ‘offblog’ contact. But at what point does someone move from ‘on the blogroll’ to ‘friend’? I only ask because someone said they had referred to me as a friend, and then realised they had never actually met me [but if you had asked, I’d have called that blogger a friend too – so we obviously feel a connection!]


  1. Oh! You discovered his story! What a little pet!

  2. Poor Charlie - and lucky Charlie!

    I tend to call my virtual friends my "bloggy" friends (or acquaintances depending on the frequency and level of interaction) ... but there are one or two who that I email regularly and to whom I have become close - I just call them "friends". How blessed we are to have so many of both kinds!

    Whom having not seen, we love.... our online relationships are kind of a metaphor for faith when you think about it.

  3. I thought I read somewhere that birds pull out their feathers when stressed? Not sure f this is right or not though?

    He's a very lucky little fella with a super cute face.

    Gill in Canada

  4. I liked the bit about Charlie not wanting his vests to be removed : )

    I have a hen that the others have picked on and she has had a lot of feathers pulled out. I was seriously considering making her a vest of some sort because she is shivering in this cold weather.


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