Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tea For Toad

Such happy memories of May last year, when the Willows Three came and stayed with us and slept side by side in the little bed..


Not to mention the visit to London and some anxious moments for Mr Toad


But now they are safely home again with PomPom, we celebrated in their honour with a proper tea time spread. Bob was not entirely clear about what I was doing, but he enjoyed the food nonetheless.

cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches

scones with butter and jam

fairy cakes

and a pot of tea [new tea cosy in use!]


[Please check out my beautiful vintage tea knives- these were presents given to my parents when they married in 1948, and they have green Bakelite handles.]

Looking forward to seeing other peoples party pictures!

joebrown dressm&s almond toe dolly shoes 2013

I haven’t posted a picture of my dress. But if I had the money I would have bought myself a new party frock from Joe Brown’s and these cute shoes from M&S


  1. Oh that would have been a fine outfit for such a fine spread. Good, old Bob!

  2. Love the dress and what else but red shoes! perfect. I loved Pompoms dress - I wish! it's fun to dream though. Loving the tea parties around blogland.

  3. Hooray! I love your tea frock, Ang!
    The boys look cozy in that sweet little bed.
    Who knows what Mags has in store for Mr. Badger?

    Bill is like Bob; simply said, "Hmmmm."

    Oh, your tea spread made my mouth water.

  4. Always interesting to see what genuine English women have for tea! So pretty!
    Thanks for the wonderful food and your frock and shoes are my favorite color! :)

  5. What a lovely spread and gorgeous frock.

    Wish I had been able to join in, but I had a lovely weekend away with friends instead.


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