Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pause In Lent 2013 # 3

Fasting and Feasting

A Pause in Lent Floss

In her original post about our Lenten Pauses, Floss referred back to this post from Jane in 2012, about Lent being a time for fasting and feasting. I have picked out just four lines from the meditation which seem particularly apposite to the week I have just been through

Fast from thoughts that weaken;

Feast on promises that inspire.

Fast from negatives;

Feast on affirmatives.

Fast from worry;

Feast on divine order.

Fast from personal anxiety;

Feast on eternal truth.

I have had moments this week when my knee has hurt – a lot. It has been tempting to think “I am never going to be fit again, never going to run, or enjoy pedalling my beautiful bicycle…” – but I know those are negative thoughts. Actually, the pain has come at times when I have started the day feeling strong, and then done too much! Those positive, strong morning thoughts must inspire me and fill me with hope – God is healing my knee, in His time. So I take a painkiller, rest a bit, and take comfort from the knowledge that every day my knee is a little stronger than the day before.

I have no right to claim any instant recovery, and it is good for me to learn patience. [Those of you who have known me years will also know the Lord has been trying to teach me this particular virtue for a long, long time]

knee crutchIMG_3054

And especially since The Bike Incident on Thursday there have been times of anxiety and worry. Bob’s initial text message began by stating clearly that he was uninjured…but nevertheless I was quite anxious in the afternoon until I could get home to him, and see for myself [the greatest damage appears to be where they shaved his chest to do the ECG!]

And we really do not know what will happen about the bike’s future, until the insurance assessor comes on Wednesday. As with any motor accident, there is always much hassle surrounding insurance claims, repairs, future travel plans etc. It is not good for me to waste time fretting about all that until the situation is resolved by the man from Carole Nash Insurance.

God knows what he is doing.

I do not believe that being a Christian is any sort of guarantee against suffering illness or accident. Damaged cartilage and a smashed-up Honda prove that. But putting our lives into God’s hands means we can trust him to guide us and help us in every situation of life.

Don’t worry over anything whatever; tell God every detail of your needs in earnest and thankful prayer, and the peace of God which transcends human understanding, will keep constant guard over your hearts and minds as they rest in Christ Jesus.

[Philippians 4, Phillips translation]


  1. I'm glad you're going to rest your knee, Angela.
    I'm so glad Bob's okay.

  2. I have my list handy...there is ALWAYS something relevant to what is going happy that Charlotte shared it.
    Jane x

  3. All so wise and so true. And so difficult to practise!

  4. Indeed. Trials, difficulties and temptations will come but we can face them with Jesus at the helm!x

  5. These are the verses that I've found really helpful in the last few weeks, too, Ang. I think your observation that you often feel the pain after you get over-confident is the key, isn't it? One gets bored and tries to push too far... But it is, as you said, a real lesson in waiting for God rather than trying to do things in our own strenght.

  6. How true your words are, glad you are going to rest.

  7. One of the things we are often reminded in church is that one of the Bible promises is that 'You will have trouble'. I think many of us have been here recently.


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