Monday, 25 March 2013

Bag Ladies [Part Two]

Some teenage girls like to use floral prints and “pretty” fabrics for their sewing projects. For others, it has to be ‘camo’ and ‘skulls’ But whatever they choose to sew with, I am glad they are enjoying learning the new skills, and that they are pleased with the results.

bags etc sharnai

I am also glad that term has ended and it is the Easter Holidays!


  1. Two and a half days to go here. With a poem to learn for Carrickfergus Festival and a practice paper with corrections. Bed day on Thursday! Love the bags!

  2. I'd be afraid of putting the camouflage bag down and not being able to find it again.
    Jane x

  3. The bags look realy good. Well done to the girls.
    L breaks up on Wednesday.


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