Friday, 22 March 2013

Divorced, Beheaded, Or Fired?!

Sometimes I worry about the up and coming generations – a recent survey [by Premier Inns] of 2000 British students aged 11-16 has shown that some think that among his wives, Henry VIII included Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Delia Smith and Jerry Hall 


teens think sugar PMSome suggested that Alan Sugar, Rod Stewart and Bruce Forsyth served as Prime Ministers during WW2.

And one hundred of those questioned thought that last Summer’s Olympic Games were held in Paris.

Oh dear – whatever next??!!

[They probably think Rowan Atkinson is the ABC too]


  1. No they've got it all mixed up. Alan Sugar was the third of Henry VIII's advisers after Cardinal Wolsley and Margaret Thatcher, in fact it was Alan Sugar that fired off the fifth of Henry's wives...oh what was her name...Carol Smiley! :D

  2. I think those are probably the only two women Henry DIDN'T have some sort of relationship with....

    (For a moment I thought the second photo was of Robert Lindsay.)


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