Tuesday, 15 September 2009



My friend Cal, over at Cosy Corner, has just posted this lovely story about her grandchild.

"Mummy, why do we have wars?" asked Bizzie 1, who turned four at the end of August.

"Goodness," thought DD, "how do I answer this? Daddy is in the military and Bizzie 1 must be listening to snippets of our conversation or something." Going into her Mummy-answering-difficult-question mode, DD tried explaining to this bright, enquiring child why we have wars. And when Daddy came home for lunch he picked up the baton and explained a little bit more.

Bizzie 1 looked very perplexed and bemused.
Bizzie 1 said "not WARS, Mummy. WALLS. Why do we have walls?"
Bizzie 1 started school yesterday.
Bizzie 1 is the most politically informed 4 year old in his class!

Which just shows how important it is to listen to the actual question being asked - not what you think they said!

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