Thursday, 24 September 2009

Still More Strangeness...

After the Breeding Coathanger incident, I have been watching for other signs of Alien Life round here. This morning, I happened to glance out of the window at the Buddleia Bush [past its best now] and noticed something strange and brightly coloured deep in the foliage. I actually wondered at first if it was a parrot...


But closer inspection revealed it was Spiderman!




Sad, floppy, and a little bit damp. I propped him up against the garden umbrella and took a photo. He didn't look very pleased about it.



Then I popped round to my neighbour - and she recognised him immediately. A favourite toy of her young son [Spidey has apparently been on holiday to Portugal, the USA and many other places] she said he would be thrilled to have him back. She also said he hadn't actually mentioned losing him - probably because he didn't want to get into trouble. Apparently Spiderman is frequently thrown high into the air, in the belief that this will help him fly - obviously this time, the flight took him over the garden fence and into our buddleia!

As a good neighbour, it was my duty to return him -

"with great power comes great responsibility" you know!


  1. You were very good to return Spidey. What a temptation to have kept him!


  2. Ha ha! It reminds me of Raggedy Ann when she was flying with a kite and the kite string broke and poor Ann was stuck in a tree just like Spiderman!


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