Sunday, 20 September 2009


m&m No, not the delicious chocolate candies from the USA [although I do like them]

This is just a couple of items of news/prayer requests to share


First M is Michael Card

michael card He is coming to do a concert for us at KMFC on October 9th.

Unfortunately I shall be away that night so can't be there.

But if you want more details [and as he is doing only about 9 concerts in the UK this year, we are quite excited to be on his itinerary] please check out Bob's blog here.

Pray that we sell all the tickets!

Second M is Matt Baggott

matt baggott Matt is a lovely man, whom I've met on a number of occasions. He has been until recently, our local Chief Constable. On Tuesday he becomes CC in Northern Ireland, and there are concerns that this may cause a surge in dissident unrest.

Matt is a gracious man of faith and peace. Pray for him, that he will have God-given wisdom and strength for this new role.


  1. Dear Lord,
    Please help crowds to buy tickets and souls to arrive to hear Michael Card. Bless his musical spirit as he prepares and performs.
    Lord, as Matt moves to his new position, grant him protection as well as inspiration.

  2. Amen to the above prayer and add 'wisdom'.

    Great birthday treat for Chris.
    Have a super week. x


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