Thursday, 28 July 2011

Making The Most Of M&S


After taking a communion service at a local Care Home, Bob and I zipped across to M&S this afternoon. They were having one of their ‘events’ and had sent me an invitation – plus a voucher to spend in the “Home” department. They recently sent me a voucher to spend on “Clothing and Home” as well. So what’s in the bag?


First, a bowtie for Bob – so he can dress like James Bond* next week [£5 ‘outstanding value’] Then a pair of silicone spatulas [spatulae?] because my wooden ones have split and been discarded and I wanted to replace them [£4]. Also you will notice two plastic ‘disposable’ goblets [they were giving out orange juice and red wine to their guests, along with ‘vegetable crisps’ and cheese straws] I always keep these [free] goblets as they are useful for small floral table decorations. And finally a lock’n’lock type box. [£1]

That's £5 + £4 + £1 = £10

I said I was only going to get genuine L&L boxes from now on, but I needed to get this one – I felt obliged to spend the full £10 so I could use my two £5 vouchers. All this at no cost to me. I am so smug.

Thrifty shoppers like me do nothing for the profits of M&S do we?

d craig bond*Bob is a spy in the Holiday Club Drama, and having been unsuccessful in his attempt to borrow a trenchcoat, he has opted for the suave Daniel Craig look![although DC’s bowtie is a properly tied one!]


  1. The red spatulas are rather jolly! And freebies are so very satisfying!

    Pomona x

  2. Oh dear, we have a trenchcoat here...pop on over!


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