Friday, 29 July 2011

Thirty Years On…


Do you remember that Royal Wedding? Where were you that day? [The BBC website has a feature about it here]

I was on my first ever holiday abroad – three days in Paris with Bob, just before he left his work in electronics to become a Student minister. That evening we had a memorable meal here…

outside chartiers

Chartier is a great restaurant in Montmartre, dating back to 1896. It is relatively inexpensive,and the tables are in long rows.



inside chartiers

When you go in, you are seated in the next available space – so you find yourself engaging with complete strangers in conversation over dinner! The waiter writes your order on the paper tableclothtablecloth.

There are numbered wooden racks along the walls – in a bygone age, regular  customers had a place to keep their napkins!


One day, maybe, Bob and I will get back to Chartier for another meal.


  1. I remember the one after (Prince A) - I was working in an ad agency in London (it wasn't a bank holiday) and all the girlies gathered round the TV to look at the frocks!

    Hope you will enter my giveaway - just the sort of toy you would like, I think.

    Pomona x

  2. I remember it really well. I was newly married myself and we were on a camping holiday in France. We watched the wedding on a tiny old TV in a scruffy campsite bar. The atmosphere was really great - all the English campers toasting the happy couple.
    How sad it was that things unfolded as they did. She looked so happy on the day and when I see pictures of the wedding now I can't help myself scrutinising his face for signs of .... who knows what !!

  3. I remember the wedding really well, for a treat we bought some birds eye potatoe waffles and i ate those for the first time watching the wedding. i had my hair cut like lady di and also wore pie crust blouses and velvet peddle pushers :-) later on when prince william was born we all called our baby dolls after him.

  4. I remember watching it on TV and not liking the dress...... What you have done is remind me of a trip to Paris a good few years ago and a meal at that restaurant in Montmartre. I wasn't with Paul at the time, would love to go back there with him, it was such a great night out. Thanks for jogging my memory!!

  5. I was in Killeen, Texas, where my family had just moved. My mom and I got up at 4 a.m. to watch. I developed a huge crush on Prince Edward, who was just the right age and right amount of cute. I have since gotten over it.

    Thirty years--my goodness!


  6. I was duty in the Royal Navy. I couldn't go home for all the parties, but all the women still 'on board' watched the wedding on TV followed by the Coronation St wedding of Ken and Diedre. I also partook of "splice the mainbrace" tradtion.(Less said about that, the better!!!
    Jane x


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