Sunday, 31 July 2011

Everything Will Be All Right

Over at French Village Life, Elizabeth posted yesterday about the concert at her church – entitled “Music To Free the Soul”. The music came from the Callington Community Gospel Choir [website here]

As we approach Holiday Bible Club Week – which is in turn both exhilarating and exhausting, full of burdens as well as blessings, I was particularly encouraged by this CCGC song…

Joshua I:9


  1. Ang, that song is modelled on the slave songs that were sung in the fields. You can hear the yearning, but also the hope that 'everything will be all right'. We sang it on Friday.

  2. "full of burdens as well as blessings," just about describes the morning here. Why do the burdens seem to be the more overpowering, though? . . . . . .Beautiful voices! . . . . .. Hope all goes well with the Holiday Clubs. ~Liz

  3. Angela, this is your church? It's a beautiful building! I love that song.

  4. Terri, IT is beautiful building - but it is NOT my church!


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