Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Has PomPom Been To Putney?

Having recently discovered that the great Gertrude Jekyll didn’t start serious gardening till she was in her 50s, I have been encouraged to pursue my horticultural efforts.

So here are some pictures of progress thus far…




In April, Chris gave me a kit from M&S for my birthday – to grow sweet peas in a bucket. Bucket, compost and seeds provided.

Above right, you see the bucket in June, sprouting lots of green foliage.

This week, the first flower has bloomed, with promise of others to follow. Fabulous colours!

So this one has worked!

I mentioned before my pea shoots on the windowsill – well, I moved them outside and transplanted them – and now have a few pods growing – so we may have some fresh peas to pick there soon



I also had a couple of pots of herbs- bought on offer in Sainsbury's, and I transplanted half of each, and they are outside too.


Mint and Greek basil – both really thriving – we are already enjoying them adding extra flavour to our meals. I was given two ‘yellow pepper’ plants after the school fete. Lots of lush greenery here


Hoping that those funny little buds will turn into yellow peppers one day. They started off with just two leaves each.

DSCF2009I have had a rosemary bush for years – in fact, I started with one in a pot when Bob was at College, before Steph was born. I planted it in the garden, and managed to get friends to take cuttings for me twice when we moved house, and I brought some rosemary here which originated with that first pot plant.

Now I have managed to root some cuttings by myself and will be planting it in the Cornerstones garden soon.

DSCF2011All of this has been a great encouragement to me – however the fig has been quite pathetic this year and lost all its leaves and baby figlets. You can’t win ‘em all.

The tomato plant [25p, Scouts Rummage Sale] has grown to a massive five feet in height.

But it only has TWO tomatoes. We’re doing something wrong there, I think!


The gardens in Putney are beautifully tended, I noticed last weekend.[Although I suspect many of the wealthier residents pay someone else to do their weeding and pruning for them] In one avenue, only a stone’s throw from the tube station, there are trees along the pavement, and people have planted flowers in the earth around their roots. One tree in particular reminded me of PomPom. Steph said “Mum, you have to see the little door in the tree. You will probably want to photograph it!” And sure enough, there was a cute little fairy door. It is definitely the sort of thing PomPom would create for her grandchildren, don’t you think? [click here]


So I will continue with my attempts at gardening, as this looks like being the most successful year to date. If I can do it, anyone can!


  1. Oh, of course I LOVE the little door! I must go to Putney. There must be fairies there!
    My fairy garden is a jungle. I pulled and tidied last night. The gnomes and fairy were quite hidden! Your garden is growing well! Sweet peas are so lovely. They don't do as well in Denver and must be planted in February in order to appear at all during the summer. Thank you for the shout out! (BIG HUG!)

  2. Oak trees from small acorns grow

  3. Hi Angela.
    It all looks very impressive, but I think I'd better warn you about the invasive nature of mint. If you're not careful you'll have a garden full of it - it really does spread quickly and is best kept in a pot.

  4. You have had many gardening successes! Great job! Is is so fun to plant things and have them grow! And yes ~ that looks very much like Pom Pom has been there! :) So sweet!


  5. Thanks everyone. PP you MUST visit us over here sometime. CR- not planning on planting acorns. RB -= thanks, I'd already been warned on this one - the mint is in a pot! SH thanks for the kind words x

  6. Well done with the gardening, Angela, the fingers are turning greener!
    That little door in the tree is definitely one for Pom Pom!

  7. You are going great guns!
    Good luck with the peppers.
    Jane x

  8. Everyone is posting about the glut of tomatoes, and we have had one tiny cherry tomato from our garden so far!

  9. Weyhey!!!!!!!!! We've made another garden convert! Welcome to the green side :) Am very impressed - especially with the rosemary cuttings which I have had trouble with lately.

  10. I am encouraged muchly by your post- this has got to have been the worst year yet in terms of gardening effort and appearance here in Strawberry Land, where, if it wasn't for the resilient strawberry bed, I'd give the whole lot over to wanton neglect in an instant!! I have a load of milk bottle/jug lids that I'm planning on posting tomorrow with your apple cosy- do you still need them for HBC?

  11. Thanks Mags - but I am now snowed under with tops!!


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