Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pears Are For Heirs!

Or so Bob’s friend Dave told him, when he mentioned our plans to plant some trees at Cornerstones this week. One Monday, Bob put in three trees -  plum, pear and apple.


We have no idea when we will get to see any fruit from these. But we’re planting in hope! Christine was concerned I should not be planting an orchard** whilst I have bad backache – I said I was merely watching and watering.“Bob plants, I water, and we trust God will give the increase” to paraphrase 1 Corinthians 3;6.


As well as the planting, Bob mended some of the older fence panels which had suffered a little in the recent storms. The new stuff he put up in the autumn stands firm. He worked very hard all day

IMG_1505 IMG_1500

Then we had a relaxing evening over at Christine’s place, and she cooked us a lovely meal [thanks Chris!] In my youth, when we went to Girls’ Brigade Camp, we used to sing this one as a Grace before meals sometimes [you can read more about Johnny Appleseed here]

**Janet and Peter say that you cannot call it an orchard unless you have at least six trees. We already have a tiny crab-apple, so that makes four so far. We have been advised to plant a pollinator for the James Grieve apple. Anybody got any suggestions of a good variety?

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  1. I think a crab apple is a pollinator, and the blossoms are lovely.


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