Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A “Heads Up” About Hats

age-ukJust a reminder that once again AgeUk and Innocent Smoothies are working together to raise awareness, and to raise funds for the elderly this autumn.

You still have time to knit a bobble hat or two for a drinks bottle. Hats must be sent in by November 14th. It took me just a few evenings whilst watching TV, to make a dozen woolly titfers. I used up some odds and ends of wool and a few pompoms from the stash.


You can find some patterns here – I always use the   simplest “Doddle” pattern because I find it is quickest. Knitting in stripes helps make the hats look more interesting and also makes row counting easier. I can knit and stitch up a couple of hats in under an hour [that’s one episode of Downton or Grantchester**!] 

Full details of where to send finished hats is here. For every hat-on-a-bottle, AgeUK gets 25p. The wool for these were tiny scrap balls – and none of it was in sufficient quantity to make anything else I would consider usable or wearable, and the postage was minimal. But that is £3 which might help towards providing a pensioner with a hot meal, or much-needed money advice, or an afternoon at an OAP social club, or transport to an appointment.

innocent hatsAnd if you buy the smoothies, you are helping too – and getting a pleasant drink and a useful egg cosy!

**I do think the 1950’s knitwear in Grantchester is excellent, don’t you?


  1. I'm knitting! But the Innocent site gives Dec 12th as the last date, which gives a little more time.

    1. Aha- the AgeUk and Innocent websites have said different dates. Thanks for pointing this out - gives us time for more knitting

  2. Great hats and very interesting Christmassy bobbles!
    I think the actors in Grantchester are excellent aswell.

  3. Although I agree with raising money for charity I do wonder if all that wool could be put to a better use!
    Surely a local homeless shelter would use a few full size hats than 100 tiny hats for drinks....
    X x


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