Sunday, 26 October 2014

See The Light, Be The Light

I was doing one of my WWDP Preparation Days, and as I sat down to have lunch, one of the ladies from the church suddenly said “I must put the Christ-Light on, or nobody will see Him” and she jumped up and walked swiftly to the side of the church.

I had no idea what she meant – but a little while later I went to speak to a friend and as I sat down next to her, she looked up and said “Oh look! there’s a crucifix up there, I hadn’t noticed that before” A tiny light had been switched on which shone directly onto the crucifix making it much more visible.


If you look carefully at this photo of that church, you can just about make out the cross which is in the centre of the window, and the figure of Christ upon it. He had been there all the time, but as the lady had said, without the light turned on, nobody would see Him.

A number of my friends have been sharing this photo on Facebook recently – I think it originated in the USA where prayers are banned in the state schools.


My comment when I saw it was “I wasn’t aware He had left them – I have certainly seen Him at work in the schools I visit”

Just three comments about the apparently ‘invisible’ Jesus, and the allegedly ‘absent’ Father.

  1. Scripture reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God [Romans 8] and Jesus promised “"I am with you always” [Matthew 28] He is there – even if not recognised.
  2. If we are the Kingdom of God on earth, then wherever we are, then surely we are establishing a part of His Kingdom in that place, being the light for Him.
  3. But we are called to let our light shine so that so that all may look to Jesus, not at us.


  1. We have a very old church in the centre of Havant that dates back to the reformation. They recently had a grant for lighting outside in the evenings and the detail it picks out is amazing. Lots of little gargoyle things and stone work you'd never of noticed before.
    X x

  2. Just back from a Preparing for Advent meeting- preparing for Preparing for Advent! We were checking a light idea based on John 1. The light is there, but we don't understand it.


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