Monday, 27 October 2014

Poncho Poppy

gchq poppy 2014

The British Legion have already launched this year’s Poppy Appeal – and GCHQ at Cheltenham have marked this by creating one humongous scarlet poppy in the middle of their doughnut shaped building. 1308 civilian staff formed the red petals [in scarlet rain ponchos] and were joined by more than 100 members of the armed forces - RAF personnel in black uniforms making the centre, and Army Personnel in khaki/camo creating the stem.

gchq poppy 2014 B

These pictures, and more info, on the BBC News website

gchq poppy 2014 C

Creating the image took them about an hour. I do hope that whilst they were doing this, that MI5 and MI6 were still at work keeping us safe from foreign espionage activities! Looking at this carmine coloured crowd, one wonders what happened to all those “Reds under the bed” who were allegedly around during the Cold War!


  1. What fun! I would love to do something like this one day. Would make a great story to tell the kids x x x

  2. Wow!!!! I saw the Tower of London ones on Saturday x

  3. I saw that in the Telegraph and thought it was such a wonderful idea.

  4. Really striking. Just making you think at the moment, what with Canada and the sacrifice there as well.


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