Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rapunzel And The Rodent

I spent a couple of happy days during half term with the sewing machines. I churned out some fairly boring stuff

  • covers for a friend’s bench seat,
  • alterations to the bag for some church PA gear
  • some gifts [I cannot blog about them yet]
  • altered garments [for my friend Kathryn who has done brilliantly on her diet and lost well over 2 stone in weight]

and finally I got to make some more exciting things -the fun stuff included a second Rapunzel dress [for the friend of the child who received the first one] Very similar but not identical

rapunzel may 2014



And for the Reception class that I teach on a Friday, I made a tee shirt for their squirrel [he is a puppet, and I believe he is quite good at phonics!]When I had finished my sewing, I looked despairingly at the chaotic Dining Room, and realised that I would have to do some Serious Tidying Up very soon. I’m away this weekend, staying with Steph [another WWDP Day] and the following weekend we have company.


I should say that is not a large tub of Celebrations chocolates- it is my bead store. I do not hoard nuts like the Nutsy, but I certainly have a vast store of beads, lace and threads ‘squirrelled away’ and they frequently come in useful.

I have enjoyed myself enormously working away – and was particularly pleased that I could listen to the serialisation of “Pilgrim’s Progress” on Radio 4 Extra as I sewed. That book is utterly brilliant! John Bunyan was a Roundhead soldier in the Civil War, and came to Leicester. It was here that another man stepped up to take over his duties, and was immediately shot dead – this affected JB greatly “He died in my place”

All in all, a very productive half term!


  1. You ARE clever!!! That dress is brilliant and Nutsy's t-shirt is super. Our squirrel, Leaplish looks a bit like Nutsy! I saw someone in London on Saturday who looked a bit like you and I was half inclined to stop her and ask if she was

  2. Oh I'm well into my half-term and neither a crochet chain nor a stitch has YET to materialise....


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