Friday, 31 October 2014

Hostess With The Mostest


I am still not sure about this expression – I thought it was ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ but the jury seems to be undecided as to whether it ends with S or T. The title was originally given to American Diplomat Perle Mesta, who inspired Irving Berlin’s musical “Call Me Madam”

For various reasons, I have enjoyed hospitality in lots of different homes in the past few weeks – my WWDP travels have found me snatching overnight stops, or eating meals here and there, all over the country, and I have stayed with family, friends – and even with people I hadn’t met before- who have rapidly become friends. And every one of these occasions as honestly been a pleasure.

Tonight I will be with Steph – and really looking forward to that. Staying with family is a slightly different matter, one can be more relaxed, and I don’t expect her to go overboard with preparations for my visit. We will have fun! But next weekend, I have a guest coming. Someone I have not met before – I suspect we will get on fine, but what things are important when you have visitors?


I like to make sure there is a glass of water by the bed. And an alarm clock, and a radio. But not a clock that ticks loudly [confession; one place recently, I hid the clock under a pillow as its tick was keeping me awake!] A selection of magazines and books, and a bedside lamp which is easy to operate. A spare pillow, blanket, and hot water bottle are also useful in the bedroom.

hostess mostess 2

Towels – it’s no fun packing damp towels in a suitcase. A hairdryer is useful too [I try to make sure I tell guests about these two things beforehand – especially if they are coming by train and want to limit their luggage]e prepa

I like to show guests where the tea/coffee/kettle/cups are, in case they get the urge have have a cuppa.

I think that guests who are staying for a few days might like to have a spare front door key – in case they want to go for a walk or their programme means they may get home before me. Information about access to the wifi network is always welcome. It is always good to check if your guests are OK with pets, and if they have any special dietary needs.

I found a really well thought out list here – but I will not be hanging a wreath on the front door [and I cannot afford to change my drapes in the guest bedroom either] I was talking with somebody recently who said he was a little surprised a few years ago when he stayed overnight with a family, and had to sleep in the top bunk in their son’s bedroom [the little boy snoring on the lower bunk!] He had not met the family before, and on reflection felt he should have said “If it’s OK with you, I’d prefer to kip on the sofa”. If at all possible, I think overnight guests should have their own room.

good-guestAnd if you are the guest? Some good tips here. If people are trying to  accommodate you, then it is important to do your best to fit in with them. “Hostess gifts” should never be expected –but are always welcome – flowers, a tin of biscuits, a jar of fancy preserves or a bottle of wine are good choices [do check that your hosts are not diabetic or teetotal first!!]

And I do hope the person reading this who is arriving in KM next weekend has not changed her mind and booked into the Travelodge!


  1. Wow!! You are a fantastic hostess!!

  2. You and your family are wonderful hosts!
    Jane x
    PS Surely it has to be Mostest..or it doesn't make any sense.

  3. Your plans for your visitor sound more than welcoming! You may find you have a number of your readers queuing up at your door!!

  4. Think you've covered most bases (pardon the pun!). A nice smelly soap gift set is also a much-appreciated token of appreciation for the Hostess with the Mostess! I was just having the discussion the other day with my BFF about when we used to prepare our houses for visitors and it seems we used to even take curtains down and wash, iron and put them back up before impending visits! Nowadays, it's a case of 'take me or leave me'! Another anecdote - the other night, my sister was staying overnight with me and when she emerged from the spare room in the morning, remarked 'you know, I was just having a look around that room last night and thinking, it's official, my sister's a hoarder'! Well, that's gratitude for a free night's B&B!!Best to keep the door firmly shut on those particular rooms! Have a good weekend, Angela. x

  5. Have no doubts, you are a wonderful hostess.

  6. You sound a wonderful host!x


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