Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Eating Almonds

Sunday – off to the Thanksgiving Lunch for my Great-Nephew, up in Warwickshire. The food was fantastic – I forgot to take any pictures until the end – and it looks like the locusts have descended on the buffet table! The Almonds are never-knowingly-undercatered. Great-Uncle-Rev-Bob did the serious spiritual bit, saying appropriate words and praying for Sam [here with parents Kate and Jon]

2015 august bank hol rugby etc1

Down the motorway to Wimbledon to stay with Steph and Mark overnight – then on Monday we met up with Liz and Jon. We went to No 32 on Clapham Common, for our wedding anniversary lunch. Thanks S,M,L & J – it was lovely! The menu was amusing – food served with love and duck fat, and a dessert which was ‘free from everything’ [except the price!]

2015 august bank hol rugby etc

I hadn’t expected my fancy bacon& mushroom roll to come wrapped in parchment though, it felt a bit like a takeaway. [but it tasted delicious] None of us wanted dessert, so we braved the wet pavements, and all went home. Bob and I hit the motorway around 3pm, and came back to Dorset. One lovely family weekend, with typical British Bank Holiday Weather.


  1. Mmmm food and celebration food at that- who needs sunshine?!

  2. Aw, I bet you are a little tired of the rain. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration!

  3. I could do some damage to that buffet. Looks superb! Gorgeous baby too. X

  4. The party table looks amazing--those cakes! Sorry about all the rain. It sounds like you had a good time anyway!


  5. What a lovely time you've had. That cake looks amazing!


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