Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pedal Power!


It’s today – but I don’t actually have a job at the moment. I do hope to cycle to the church later on though [it is our special Week of Prayer, for the start of the autumn programme]. Bob has been cycling there and back a lot. Liz and Jon are away on a cycling holiday. Really pleased that this week some new legislation has come into force

A ban on “unsafe” lorries has come into effect in London in a bid to protect cyclists. Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the capital must now be fitted with side guards to help prevent bike-users from being dragged under wheels in the event of a crash.

bike lorry

Statistics released by Transport for London in June revealed that more people than ever are cycling in the capital, with around 23 million journeys made a year. But campaigners say the roads remain unsafe. Eight cyclists have already died this year in London – with seven of these deaths involving HGVs. Since 2014, over 400 cyclists have been seriously injured on London roads, while 13 people died last year and 14 died in 2013.

cycle london

I know that the Freight Transport Association are unhappy and feel it’s unfair that all operators are being forced to spend the money, when it is only a minority who cause accidents. But I am inclined to respond ‘tough’!! The rule is there to protect the majority from the foolishness of the minority. Surely this is the case with most of our safety regulations?


  1. I would cycle to work - but it's tricky getting the bike up the stairs from the living room to my study!!! :-)
    And if I wasn't working at home I certainly wouldn't be cycling the 70-odd kilometres from here to Clermont Ferrand!

  2. Well said. The point is, it is a safety measure rather like when legislation came in that said you had to have seatbelts!

  3. I'd already got to work before I read this - ah well, maybe next year!!

  4. I could cycle the school run but not sure how I'd get the three kiddies on with me lol

  5. I think that if I werer less lazy and my children less spoiled I could cycle to work! And I am commenting here on the towels- impressive/would that help with tired cream?- lest I get caught in a FSoG Net!

    1. I am not sure about 'tired cream'. I suspect someone has been smoothing THAT under my eyes whilst I am asleep! It sounds like the exact opposite of all those L'Oreal products Helen Mirren uses.


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