Monday, 21 September 2015

Sticking Rainbows


Everyone arriving at church was presented with some squares of tissue, and then we all stuck them on a rainbow. Bob reminded us that the rainbow is the sign of God’s faithfulness, that the rainbow only comes when there is rain, and that as we had each played a part in making the rainbow, so we each had a part to play in ‘being the rainbow’ for others. And we learned about the work in Nepal too.


And the tins for the FoodBank were loaded into the trolleys and wheeled to the front. Oh, and we watched an amazing clip from the old children’s TV programme Rainbow, all about Noah’s Ark.

rainbowtvtv prog

And yes we still sung We Plough The Fields, and Come Ye Thankful People, Come. There are some harvest traditions I’m reluctant to abandon – even if there are new songs, video clips, sticky tissue paper and shopping trolleys involved in our worship too!


  1. I am always in awe of people "at the front" and their creativity in re-telling these stories. Always happy to sing We plough the fields. Though we did sing it at a wedding once. The couple weren't Christians and this was the only hymn they knew. It was either that or a Christmas Carol apparently.

    1. We went to a wedding once where the bride was heavily pregnant, and the first hymn was "Dear Lord and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways"

  2. We didn't sing any trad Harvest songs which made me sad. I like traditions too!x

  3. I love the traditional Harvest hymns.

  4. Those are my 2 favourite Harvest Hymns. I regularly sing Come Ye Thankful People Come when I'm gathering in my 'crops'.


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