Saturday, 5 September 2015

Shine Through The Gloom

I care not two hoots for Rugby matches, but found this incredibly moving. Lizzie is a professional singer, and in May, her husband Danny, aged 29, collapsed and died, 4 minutes into a rugby match in London. The post mortem found a congenital heart condition nobody knew about. SInce his death, Lizzie has worked to raise awareness of this condition. [article here]
Over £230,000 has been raised, to hep Lizzie and her twin babies- and she said that singing the anthem last Saturday was her way of thanking people for all their support. 
God bless this brave young woman, for turning the tragedy in her life into something which will help to prevent a similar thing happening to other sportspeople.

[Thank you to my friend Carole in Kirby Muxloe for sending me a link to this]


  1. Danny Jones was a wonderful player to watch, we saw him play for Wales and Halifax a number of times and his death has had a huge impact throughout the Rugby League community.

    The governing board of the sport has now extended heart screening to the lower levels of the professional game, not just for players at the elite Super League level.

    I always have a tear in my eye when Abide With Me is performed at the Challenge Cup final, but this year was more emotional Tha ever.

  2. That IS incredibly moving. God bless her.x

  3. What an amazing woman to turn something so tragic into something powerful enough to make a difference. You go girl!

  4. Thank you for posting this. Very moving and a courageous young lady, too.

  5. This is not a comment about the post in particular, but rather, about your blog, itself. I just wanted to tell you that I found your verse (Joshua 1;9) to be very significant for me. I am not a Christian, but the verse "spoke" to me. You see, I found out, yesterday, that I have breast cancer. Thank you for choosing this particular verse to post on your blog.

    1. I firmly believe that the words of the Bible can bring strength and hope and comfort to ANYONE, not just those who profess to be Christians. I am so sorry to hear your news, and will remember you in my prayers x

    2. Thank you, Angela. And thank you for your comment on my blog, too. I appreciate your prayers.

  6. Extraordinary courage she shows here as well.


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