Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Joy Of Friendship

Many years ago, back in the 1980s, I went to a Connexion Conference, and met a lovely Welsh lady, another minister’s wife- called Beryl. Then we moved to Leicester in 1995, and Beryl and her husband Brian were at a church on the other side of the city. The four of us became friends - and then they retired to Dorset.

A few years later, Gary and Fiona joined us at KMFC, and I discovered that they were also great friends with B&B. Gaz joined the Worship group, playing his guitar - and he started blogging too.

We moved here- and discovered B&B were already members at UCF. When people from KMFC came down on the coach to our Induction in February, Beryl had even made a batch of her famous Welsh Cakes especially for Fiona!


Gary and Fiona visited us on Tuesday as they were on holiday in the West Country. Beryl’s just had an op, and so we didn’t say they were coming – but surprised her by just turning up on the doorstep.

The Internet has made it easier to keep in touch – but nothing ‘virtual’ beats real hugs, and sitting on the sofa together sharing a pot of tea!! So grateful for all my good friends – and especially for time we can spend together.


  1. Fabulous x There really is nothing to beat face to face- from friendship to conflict communication.


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