Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bank Holiday Fun

Some things which amused me this week
Sunday,returning from church, we saw Del Boy, with his Reliant Robin which had broken down

Monday, I noticed this in a coffee shop - 
Presumably like electric chairs, only faster and more elevated?

And Tuesday in Matalan - am I likely to forget how to spell properly?
I have been Stash Busting - I sorted out loads of fabric.
Some scraps which were just too small and silly to be useful have gone to the Textile Recycling Bank, where they can make some money for the Air Ambulance, and three large bags of general usable fabric has been advertised on our local town sales site [free- I want to clear them out]. Someone out there might be making play costumes, fancy dress or bunting this summer. 
If there are no takers, they will go to the bank as well.
Feeling very pleased to have made some space in the loft!


  1. Do you have Freecycle web site near you? It's useful for disposing of things that others might need.
    I am always tempted to tell the staff about mis-spellings, but it is rather pointless I guess!

  2. I have already had 2 enquiries about the fabric. Our local 'things for sale in Ferndown' site is a closed group, and has proved very useful for freebies,for selling stuff and for advertising things like our Church Christmas Craft Fair. We've used Freecycle in the past though.

  3. Well done. I'm drowning in stuff here, especially wool and what do I do yesterday? I was at my local Bethany Shop and they happened to have some lovely pink stuff for £1 a ball so I bought three!!I will use it though for a pretty Grandaughter cardi for the winter. I've also been trying to get rid of loads of jam jars on Freecycle but to no avail, so far. We have a new initiative in the county called 'Zero Waste' and they save stuff from the local recycling centre which would normally end up in landfill. You wouldn't believe the things people are prepared to see ending up in the soil.We all have too much stuff, really, don't we?

    1. I agree, we do accumulate too much stuff. It's finding the best way of decluttering that's sometimes difficult.

  4. The spelling is shocking! I always become rather distressed due to apostrophe errors!

  5. I can get upset with spelling errors but the other day - Tweeting in a rush I made the unforgivable "too" error. Serves me right for being cocky

  6. I sometimes press send before properly checking the predictive text, resulting in quite bizarre messages to my family.

  7. I've been crocheting little things which have whittled down my stash quite pleasingly, but not at all in your league!


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